• Petrol Generator Inverter
    Petrol Generator- inverter gensets

    Generator Inverter
    1.0 KW or 2.7KW
    Inverter Pure Sinewave
    Economy Smart Throttle
    Low Noise and Lightweight

  • Petrol Generator
    Petrol Generator - 240 Volt genset

    240 Volt petrol generator
    Range from 2.8KVA to 9.5KVA
    2.8 - 6.5KVA have 2 x 15 AMP Outlets
    Electronic Ignition

  • 4 Stroke Generator
    4 stroke Petrol Generator - 240 V

    9.5KVA genset
    240 Volt
    20HP Four Stroke
    9500 Watt Maximum output

  • Diesel Air Cool Generator
    Diesel Air Cooled Generator - 240V - 415V

    5.5KVA or 6.0KVA Gensets
    240 Volt or 415 Volt
    Electric Start
    Low Oil Protection
    5.5KVA Single Phase or 6KVA Three Phase

  • Air cooled diesel generator
    Diesel Air Cooled Generator Welder

    5KVA Power
    Electric Start
    2 x 15 AMP Power Outlets
    Low Oil Safety Shutdown
    50-180AMP Welder infinite adjustment

  • Diesel Air Cool Open Frame Generator
    Diesel Air Cooled Generator

    Open frame genset
    Low Oil Protection
    Electric Start

  • Water cooled generator
    Diesel Water Cooled Generator

    Range from 9KVA to 48KVA
    215V or 415V
    AMP Outlets
    Silenced 62-67dB
    Remote Start Systems Avaailable

  • Diesel Water Cool Genset
    Diesel Water Cool ISUZU-FOTON Genset

    25KVA Diesel Generator
    Silenced 65dB
    1 x 32amp 415v outlet
    1 x 20amp 415v outlet
    2 x 15amp 240v outlet
    Australian Compliant
    Remote Start Systems Available

  • Water cooled Cummins Generator
    Diesel Water Cooled CUMMINS Generator

    Silenced 65dB
    Engine Speed Controller
    Remote Start Systems Available

  • Perkins Diesel Water Cooled
    PERKINS Diesel Water Cooled Generator

    80KVA or 100KVA generator
    Silenced 68dB
    Water Cooled
    2 x 32amp & 1 x 20amp w 415V outlet
    1 x 15amp 240V outlet
    Engine Speed Controller
    Remote Start Systems Available

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